We want to provide you an easy access to sustainable brands. But what makes a brand sustainable?

There are many different approaches to sustainability, for some this means working with vegan products, for others it means using plant based tanning methods for their leather, for some it means up-cycling unwanted fabrics and it usually starts with fair wages - you see there are many aproaches out there. One thing that is always the case however is that it's always about creating in a way which takes the well being of humanity and the environment into account and goes beyond the set norms of the fashion industry.

To keep it easy on Sustainable Fashion Matterz we provide you with a photo of the brands collection, a price range and link to their website. If you want to find out more about these labels approach to sustainability you will always be able to find this information on the brands website - if they can't provide you with that they will not be included in the finder.

If you would like a more in-depth analysis of the brands and functions to filter by sustainability category we recommend using Avocado Store or GET CHANGED (they also show where shops are located).

As we appreciate transparency from the companies we work with we want to be transparent about our business as well. We started by running a test phase of the brand finder, and are now beginning to monetise it through affiliate links and/or a fix price for being listed. This does not mean that we include every brand which pays us! We curate our selection to provide you with the best brands we come across.

With the growing selection of sustainable brands we are looking to become more and more sustainable as time goes on, always keeping aesthetics and user experience on the top of our list.

Have you discovered a brand which you think we should be featuring? Let us know!