In December 2016 Cherie Birkner quits her job as the Creative Director of an online fashion company out of ethical reasons.

She decides to set her focus on photography, and wants to connect with the part of the industry she identifies with. The idea of a new portrait series is born, as a way to showcase the people who are ahead of the game, already having sustainable businesses, and caring, before it becomes mainstream.

What she learns during the Fashion Week in January 2017, where she took the photos, impresses her so much that she sees no other option than to continue sharing the inspiring stories and solutions. "I don't want to point out the bad guys. I want to celebrate the good guys, because that is what I want to see more of." Cherie believes that every person makes a difference and is dedicated to spreading awareness of the many solutions to fast fashion that already exist.

"My goal is for every person that buys clothing to know (that) Sustainable Fashion Matterz. I want you to feel good about your purchase, because you use it to support companies which also shine behind their curtain."



Since the beginning of what is now Sustainable Fashion Matterz the project has been supported by many wonderful individuals, who have contributed by organizing events, creating databases, editing content programming special website functions and last but not least writing informative pieces for the blog.

Get in touch if you want to get involved! Currently looking for contributors.


Felice Arning

Major Communications Support! <3




Linda Traeger

Content creator: Textilbündnis, as well as creator of the foundation of our brand database.


Elke Birkner

Yep, that's my mom double checking for grammar & spelling mistakes whenever she has time. :)


Goddess of good taste, brutal truth and powerful statements while getting SUSTAINABLE FASHION MATTERZ online from June - July 2017 (launch).

Selected and interviewed trending brands during fashion week S/S 18.

Co-organized and hosted our first ever networking event.


Initiator of the "We never stop voting!" campaign.


Max Buschner

Our technical wizard! Created and implemented the Map.


Did the very first interviews in Jannuary, when this project didn't even have a name yet.


Ariana Ivan

For teaching me to think big.